56: Critical Realism Today

Autumn 2005


Editorial: New essays in critical realism -  FREE TO VIEW 
Kathryn Dean, Jonathan Joseph and Alan Norrie 

Before critical realism: Kantian empirical metaphysics
Jolyon Agar 

Critical realism and the strategic-relational approach
Bob Jessop 

Sex and gender: a critical realist approach
Caroline New 

Biology and the New Scientific Subjectivism: a suitable case for critical realism?
Kathryn Dean 

Post-Cartesian anxieties: embodied subjectivity after the linguistic turn
Gideon Calder 

Theorising ‘Spectrality’: ontology and ethics in Derrida and Bhaskar
Alan Norrie 

Derrida, Foucault and Zizek: being realistic about social theory
John Michael Roberts and Jonathan Joseph

Dialectical critical realism and existential phenomenology: a dialogue
Diana Coole 

Ontological casuistry: Bhaskar’s meta-reality, fine structure, and human disposition
Jamie Morgan 

The spiritual turn in critical realism
Douglas V. Porpora 

Demise and publish
David Macey 

After the science wars
Mara Mills 

The rule of everyone by everyone
Jeremy Gilbert 

For a planetary conviviality
Yogita Goyal 

Location, location
Ben Highmore 

Fear itself
Shelley Trower 

NF 56 Critical Realism Today