46: The Prosthetic Aesthetic

Guest Editor(s): 
Spring 2002


Introduction: the prosthetic aesthetic
Marquard Smith and Joanne Morra

Transcendental imagination in a thousand points
Bernard Stiegler

From senseless acts of violence to seamless acts of visibility: ‘film censorship’ in the age of digital compositing
Raiford Guins

Between bodies without organs and machines without desire: Deleuze-Guattari’s elision of prosthetic actuality
Suhail Malik

Rauschenberg’s skin: autobiography, indexicality, auto-eroticism
Joanne Morra

Venus in foam
Fred Botting and Scott Wilson

The uncertainty of placing: prosthetic bodies, sculptural design, and unhomely dwelling in Marc Quinn, James Gillingham, and Sigmund Freud
Marquard Smith

Puppets and prosthesis
Aura Satz

A phantom limb: feeling the gap between invisibility and touch in recent British art
Andrew Patrizio

Prosthetic gestation: shulamith firestone and sexual difference
Mandy Merck

Thinking expenditure: Bataille and body art
Kate Ince

The insatiability of human wants: economics and aesthetics in market society
Regenia Gagnier

Home territories: media, mobility and identity
David Morley

Philosophy in cultural theory
Peter Osborne

Conspiracy culture: from Kennedy to the X-Files
Peter Knight

Dance, space and subjectivity
Valerie A. Briginshaw

‘Race’, sport and British society
Ben Carrington and Ian McDonald (eds)

Rereading the imperial romance: British imperialism and South African resistance in Haggard, Schreiner and Plaatje
Laura Chrisman

Without guarantees: in honour of Stuart Hall
Paul Gilroy, Lawrence Grossberg and Angela McRobbie (eds)

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