26: Psychoanalysis & Culture

Autumn 1995


Editorial -  FREE TO VIEW 

Memory and desire in Freud’s civilisation and its discontents
Malcolm Bowie 

An interview with André Green
Lesley Caldwell 

In praise of ‘conflictuality’
Dominique Scarfone 

The psychology of madness: a contribution from psychoanalysis
D.W. Winnicott 

Wittgenstein, interpretations and the foundations of psychoanalysis
Jim Hopkins 

Art as a symptom of not dying
Claire Pajaczkowska 

Loss and mourning in Verdi’s Rigoletto
Alex Tarnopolsky 

Rigoletto’s bottle: psychoanalysis and opera
Christopher Wintle 

Foreword: Revisiting psychoanalysis and feminism
Ann Scott

Twenty years on
Juliet Mitchell 

Brief reflections
Margot Waddell 

Feminism, sexuality and psychoanalysis
Joanna Ryan 

Day of reckoning - a personal statement
Joan Raphael-Leff 

Geopsychoanalysis: ‘…and the rest of the world’
Jacques Derrida 

The socialization of the body’s pleasures
Wendy Cealey Harrison

Images of Africa
Timothy Champion


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