25: Michel Foucault: J'Accuse

Summer 1995


Editorial -  FREE TO VIEW 

Michel Foucault: J’accuse
David Macey 

Foucault ten years after
John Rajchman 

Forget Foucault?
Kate Soper 

Reconfiguring the subject as a process of self: following Foucault’s nietzshean trajectory to Butler, Laclau/Mouffe and beyond
Alan D. Schrift

The politics of Foucault’s poetics, or, better yet: the ethical demand of ecstatic fetish
Sue Golding 

From Socrates to Foucault: the problem of the philosophical life
James Miller 

Foucault on race and colonialism
Robert J.C. Young 

A new image of thought
John Marks 

After grief? What kind of inhuman selves?  FREE TO VIEW 
Wendy Wheeler 

Is nothing sacred?
Rumina Sethi

Plus ça change…
N.J. Rengger

Modernity (and after)!
N.J. Rengger

Identity orgies
Linda Ruth Williams

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