'What does the black man want?'

Spring 1987

Three writers consider how best to remember Franz Fanon, 25 years after his death. Bhabha investigates Fanon’s question from Black Skin, White Masks, ‘What does the black man want?’ in relation to ideas of the Other, the Law and the body. Feuchtwang looks at issues of colonialism, both in Fanon’s Algeria and in the Caribbean via the poetry of Derek Walcott, and considers the idea of ‘home’ in relation to Fanon’s work. Harlow discusses fictionalised treatments of the occupation of Palestine and the 1936-9 rebellion, including the novels The Lord (Soraya Antonius) and Wild Thorns (Sahar Khalifeh), relating them to Fanon’s case studies in The Wretched of the Earth.

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