Open Access Policy (Green Route)

When an article is accepted for publication through a journal’s peer review process, authors will be notified of acceptance by email, and at this point they will be able to deposit the pre-published version on their personal website, on their university department website or in their institution’s research repository. However, this version cannot be posted in the repository of another institution or a subject repository until 12 months after actual publication of the article in the journal. In other words, there is a 12-month embargo in place on the pre-published article in terms of where it can be placed.

When the accepted article is published in the journal, authors may use printed versions of the published article for teaching purposes (for example in a course reader) or for sharing on an individual basis with research colleagues, providing this is not for commercial purposes.

Authors can also include this version in a book written or edited by them 12 months after publication of the journal article (though in certain circumstances L&W may give permission for earlier publication).

The published article cannot be published on any website or in any repository without permission from Lawrence and Wishart.  When posting or re-using the published article, a link must always be provided to the appropriate DOI, or relevant link on the L&W website.

Any queries, email lynda [AT]