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Zygmunt Bauman looks at the ways in which ideologies of privatisation shape our desires, and at the reasons they are unlikely to be fulfi lled.

George Shire looks at the ways in which processes of racialisation have been reworked in the neoliberal era.

Jon Cruddas talks to Jonathan Rutherford about socialism, class and the Labour Party.

Lin Chun discusses the prospects of the third phase of reform in China.

It is time to slough off neoliberalism and return to a politics of social justice

A re-engagement with the traditions of ethical socialism offers valuable insights for the renewal of the centre left.

How should we approach the social problems of a post-crash Britain?

Doreen Massey and Stuart Hall discuss ways of understanding the current crisis.


Sally Davison, Stuart Hall, Michael Rustin, Jonathan Rutherford

Summer 2010

A roundtable discussion on what the future holds for Labour.

The use and misuse of evidence in the benefits debate

Thatcher, Blair, Cameron - the long march of neoliberalism continues.

Battling our way out of the neoliberal terrain requires new thinking on ideology as well economics.

Is the current political settlement sustainable?

We need a new debate on Englishness.

The government is withdrawing the support that enables disabled people to work, while simultaneously arguing that more of them should be working.