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The Neoliberal Crisis

Sally Davison, Katharine Harris

This collection brings together a selection of Soundings articles from 2009 to 2011. Authors analyse the potential for the financial crisis, then in full swing, to offer a moment of disruption in the neoliberal settlement.

History on our side

In this very personal history, Hywel Francis has a unique insight into both individual experiences and the national politics of the strike. A new chapter in this re-issued book shows that the Welsh miners were in a unique position to forge an alliance with the Lesbian and Gays Support the Miners Group, as represented in the film Pride.

In re-igniting a familiar debate about the balance between state security and individual privacy, the revelations of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have stalled on matters of regulation and reform, which treat secrecy, securitisation and surveillance largely in procedural terms.

Using historical and recent examples, this essay proposes seven theses on the philosophy of resistance. We have entered a new age of resistance and potentially radical change after fifty years of failures and defeats of the left.


James Penney, Dhanveer Singh Brar, Jade Munslow Ong, Caspar Melville, Joseph Darlington, Elena Tzelepis

Autumn 2014

This issue of New Formations presents a range of exciting new work which spans and connects the fields of cultural studies, literary theory and radical political philosophy.

A Spanish Civil War Scrapbook

A beautifully produced facsimile of a scrapbook kept by a 17-year-old children’s nurse in South Yorkshire, which chronicles the unfolding of the Spanish Civil War.

After Neoliberalism? The Kilburn Manifesto

Doreen Massey, Stuart Hall, Michael Rustin

This book brings together in one volume the essays from the Soundings Kilburn Manifesto, originally published online as a project to map the political, economic, social and cultural contours of neoliberalism. All the chapters from the manifesto are available to download free here.

Jo Littler’s interview with Nancy Fraser explores her approach to the hegemony of a liberal feminist model that allows privileged women to lead lives that she argues are socially male.

This article takes a critical look at the role of resilience in an age of austerity, from the meanings and practices it encompasses for grassroots groups to its rise to prominence across diverse policy fields.

As a further instalment of the Kilburn manifesto, Rustin and Massey extend their arguments on neoliberalism to the realm of international relations and emphasise Britain’s key role in supporting the spread of global neoliberalism.


Ben Highmore, Jenny Bourne Taylor

Summer 2014

In this introduction we suggest a number of ways that mood has been and can be a productive way to approach various forms of labour including: the emotional expenditure of those that care either professionally or as ‘voluntary’ labourers; the pedagogic labour of teaching; and the mood work of the state and the media.

This essay explores the sociality of moods as a sociality that does not simply bring us together. Reflecting specifically on how attunement creates strangers (as those who are only dimly perceived) the essay explores how some have to work to become attuned to others.

The historiography of nearly the past century and a half may render surprising – if not, to some, jolting – the juxtaposition, in the title, of the noun ‘anti-Jacobinism’ to the possessive form of Bakunin’s surname.

Rooted in Michel Foucault’s (2003: 15, 47) conception of politics – ‘[P]olitics is a continuation of war by other means’ – this paper seeks to support and draw attention to the ‘primitive or permanent war’ that underlies society in its modern manifestations.


Belinda Morrissey, Nicholas Daly, Ben Noys, Ben Highmore

Summer 2014
Gramsci - A Great and Terrible World

This collection of letters written by Antonio Gramsci before he was imprisoned vividly evokes the ‘great and terrible world’ in which he lived. It also includes rarely seen photographs.

One might suppose that historians of communism have less to learn than most from the current vogue for transnational history. Whatever criticisms might be made of the great traditional landmarks of communist historiography, restriction of the subject to an exclusively national terrain is not one of them.

This paper considers some of the political trajectories of the ninety or so African Americans who fought in the Spanish Civil War as part of the Fifteenth International Brigade. It locates these trajectories as part of broader interventions made by black internationalist intellectuals and activists in shaping the terms of anti-fascist solidarities.

Modern monetary theory destroys the intellectual basis for austerity but needs a more robust political economy.