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Endgames and New Times

This is the sixth and final volume of L&W's comprehensive history of the British Communist Party, covering the debates of the last years - a period of accelerated change and reassessment, and ultimately dissolution.


Ben Highmore, Claire Colebrook, David Alderson, Kelwyn Sole

Winter 2003

Anita Biressi, Heather Nunn

The issue looks at war reportage as entertainment; investigates political activism and alternative war news; looks at children and war coverage; and considers the gendered representation of women at war.


Helen Stoddart, Fred Botting, Andrew Wylie, Herman Rapaport, Manu Samriti Chander

Autumn 2003

Elizabeth B. Silva, Esther Leslie, Eleanor Byrne, Mark Perryman

Spring 2003
Mediactive 2 Celebrity

The issue includes a discussion on Reality TV; an analysis of the Blair family's celebrity status; a debate about intimacy; a look at cult TV fan cultures; and what it means when pop stars 'can't act'.


Matthew Jordan, Karyn Ball, Alan Finlayson, Graham Pechey

Winter 2002
Mediactive 1 Knowledge / Culture

The first issue of Mediactive looks at recent changes in education practices - in particular the commodifying of education and the transformation of traditional ideas and practices of knowledge creation.


Patrick Brantlinger, Tony Bennett, David Cunningham, Clare Birchall, Bob Bennett, Grant Farred

Spring 2002

Brett St Louis, Alasdair Pettinger, Jeremy Gilbert, Jo Littler

Winter 2001