Race, Identity and belonging

Race, Identity and belonging

Feb 2008

This brings together the best of Soundings’s work on race and identity from the mid-2000s, exploring the impact of contemporary events, issues and concerns.

To read Paul Gilroy’s essay ‘Melancholia or Conviviality: The politics of belonging in Britain ’ for free, click on download free chapter below.  

This is the first in a series of Soundings books. and includes a new introductory essay. Themes covered include multiculturalism and segregation; young people and gun crime; British identity and melancholia; conviviality; identity and belonging; cosmopolitanism and institutional racism.

Introduction: Race and Racialisation in Neo-liberal Times – George Shire

Rethinking Segregation - Bilkis Malek

‘Man’s The Talk on Road’: A Dialogue with Young Black People on their Experiences of Gun Crime - Ejos Ubiribo

Melancholia or Conviviality: The Politics of Belonging in Britain - Paul Gilroy

Last Orders for the English Aborigine - Patrick Wright

Fear of difference / fear of sameness: the road to conviviality - Roshi Naidoo

A Defence of Multiculturalism - Tariq Modood

Identity for identity’s sake is a bit dodgy … - Zygmunt Bauman

Racism, cosmopolitanism and contemporary politics of belonging - Nira Yuval-Davis

My Jihad: A personal reflection - Amir Saeed

Institutions and racism: equality in the workplace - Farhad Dalal