Marx & Engels Collected Works Vol 38

Marx and Engels: 1844-1851

Jun 1982

Volume 38 contains letters from October 1844 to December 1851, covering three stages in the development of Marxism.  The first groups of letters, from 1844 to 1847, reflect the formative period and the development of Marxism as the scientific world outlook of the working class, the first practical steps taken by Marx and Engels to combine the theory of communism with the workers’ movement, and their efforts to set up a proletarian party. The second group of letters relate to the period of the bourgeois-democratic revolutions in Europe n 1848-49 which were the first historical test of Marxism. The letters written from late 1849 to 1851 refer to the beginning of the enforced emigration of Marx and Engels, when priority had to be given to theoretically generalising the experience of the revolution and of developing proletarian revolutionary strategy and tactics under new conditions.