Marx & Engels Collected Works 50 Volume Set

Complete set of 50 volumes

Jun 2004

The Marx/Engels Collected Works is the largest collection of translations into English of the complete works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels covering the period 1835-1895.  The 50 volumes contain all the written works of Marx and Engels including formerly unpublished manuscripts and letters.


Purchased individually the total cost of all 50 volumes is £2,500 but we are offering the complete collection for £1600 plus shipping and handling (UK - £100, World Zone 1 - £200, World Zone 2 - £300. View the breakdown of countries within World Zones 1&2).

The volumes are organised into three groups: (1) philosophical, historical, political, economic and other works, in chronological order; (2) Marx’s Capital with his preliminary versions and works directly connected with it, particularly the Economic Manuscripts of 1857-58, better known under the editorial heading Grundisse der Kritik der Politischen Okonomie  (3) the letters of Marx and Engels which are extremely rich in theoretical content and provide an indispensable source for the study of the biographies of Marx and Engels.

The early volumes contain correspondence between Marx and his father, Marx’s poetry and letters from Engels to his sister.  Latter volumes include the important theoretical works written by Marx: The Communist Manifesto, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte and Capital.