Identity cover

Identity: Community, Culture, Difference

May 1998

This classic collection points to ways in which notions of identity can inform changing conceptions of democratic politics.


This classic collection of essays and photography points to ways in which notions of identity can inform changing conceptions of democratic politics. Categories of identity, such as gender, race, class and sexuality are re-examined to allow a move away from a fixed moralistic approach to identity politics, and towards a recognition of difference, autonomy and interdependence.

In discussing subjects as diverse as consumerism, green politics, racism, psychoanalysis, ethics and values, Aids and citizenship, feminism and age, the GLC and The Satanic Verses, these essays place an understanding of people’s sense of ‘who they are’ at the heart of radical politics.

Contributors include: Frances Angela, Homi Bhabha, Stuart Hall, Kobena Mercer, Pratibha Parmar, Jonathan Rutherford, Andrea Stuart, Simon Watney, Jeffrey Weeks, Lola Young.

A Place Called Home: Identity and the Cultural Politics of Difference - Jonathan Rutherford
Feminism: Dead or Alive? - Andrea Stuart
Welcome to the Jungle: Identity and Diversity in Postmodern Politics - Kobena Mercer
Confinement - Frances Angela
The Value of Difference - Jeffery Weeks
Black Feminism: the Politics of Articulation - Pratibha Parmar
Live for Sharam and die for Izzat - Zarina Bhimji
Practices of Freedom: ‘Citizenship’ and the Politics of Identity in the Age of Aids - Simon Watney
A Nasty Piece of Work: A Psychoanalytic Study of Sexual and Racial Difference in ‘Mona Lisa’ - Lola Young
The Third Space - Interview with Homi Bhabha
Cultural Identity and Diaspora - Stuart Hall