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Corbynism from Below

Sep 2019

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‘To enact a radical programme, Labour needs to be in office – but to get there, it needs to energise members, supporters and voters on an unprecedented scale. Corbynism from Below helps us understand how that energy might be created.’ - Paul Mason

In Corbynism from Below, thinkers, writers and activists chart how a bottom-up Labour campaign can win a general election, put Jeremy Corbyn in Number Ten, and turn the world upside down.


In 2017 Jeremy Corbyn surprised everyone, including his own supporters, by depriving Theresa May of her majority. Two years on, with May forced out, Boris Johnson in, and a dramatic constitutional crisis over Brexit, the country is facing another general election. 

Bringing together a diverse range of thinkers, writers and activists, Corbynism from Below charts how a bottom-up Labour campaign can beat Johnson and Farage by building a popular opposition to the rising tide of right-wing populism. Both a rallying cry and a practical primer for victory, the book forensically outlines the shifting vote patterns that Labour needs to navigate, and the alliance building it must engage in, to win what promises to be the most momentous election in decades.

Unafraid to face up to the limits of Corbynism, while enthusiastic about the possibilities of a Labour victory, Corbynism from Below offers an account of how the Labour Party can win, and the kind of transformation we would see under a Corbyn government.

Keynote Essay
Mark Perryman: The Party Turned Upside Down

Top to Bottom
Lorna Finlayson: The Corbyn Context
Andrew Gamble: The Left v. Authoritarian Populism
Phil Burton-Cartledge: A Tale of Two Crises
Jeremy Gilbert: Acid Corbynism for Beginners

Building Blocs from Below
Jess Garland: Members Not Only
Adam Klug and Emma Rees: How Big Organizing Works
Heather Wakefield: A Workplace to Win
Anne Coddington: The New Left Mediascape

Morbid Symptoms
Neal Lawson: Labouring Under Illusions
Lindsey German: An Extra-Parliamentary Affair
Satnam Virdee: Class, Racism and a Vacuum
Gerry Hassan: Farewell to the Labour Nation

History in the Remaking
James Meadway: Out of the Ruins
Paul Hilder: The Revolution Will be Networked
Paula Surridge: In Search of the Value-Added Voter
Hilary Wainwright: Beyond the Labour Fragments

‘To enact a radical programme, Labour needs to be in office – but to get there, it needs to energise members, supporters and voters on an unprecedented scale.Corbynism from Below helps us understand how that energy might be created.’

- Paul Mason

‘Corbynism promised the end of a top-down Labour Party and the start of a mass movement to change society for good. This is no easy task. Corbynism from Below describes the detours and difficulties along the way, without losing sight of the movement’s prospects and possibilities.’

- Laura Parker, National Organiser, Momentum

‘It is the grit, tenacity and creativity of activists, both inside and outside the Labour Party, which has kept the Corbyn project alive … The success of Corbynism will depend on the mobilisation of these activists, and this book accounts for how we have achieved so much so far, without forgetting all that remains still to be done.’

- Holly Rigby, founder ‘Abolish Eton’, grassroots Labour campaign against private schools

‘The last few years have seen a plethora of ideas bubbling up from the grassroots movement that underpinned Jeremy Corbyn’s dramatic rise to be leader of the Labour Party. It fills me with hope that this ecosystem of thinkers on the left just keeps growing and growing – and these essays are a hugely important contribution to that.’

- Sam Tarry, Campaign Director, Jeremy Corbyn 2016 leadership campaign