Communism was one of the defining political movements of the twentieth century. Viewed from different perspectives, it was at once a utopia, an ideology, a system of government, an apparatus of terror and an international political movement stretching to almost every corner of the globe. Studies in Twentieth Century Communism is a new books series committed to presenting the latest research on communist history in all its different aspects, from the social and the cultural to the political, the party-focused and the biographical. As with the journal Twentieth Century Communism from which the series derives, there will be a particular emphasis on engaging with its history in its international aspects. 

Proposals for new titles in the series are welcome. Preliminary enquiries can be addressed to any or all of the editors indicated below, or if submitting a full proposal please include the following information.

  • Contributor details (Please include a CV or publications list of principal author (s) or editor(s) and brief details of contributors in the case of edited collections.)
  • Title, synopsis and chapter summaries
  • Intended readership
  • Competing titles and existing literature in the field
  • Details of any parts of the work which have already been published elsewhere
  • Proposed submission date
  • Proposed word length (including notes and bibliography, and please also give details of any maps, diagrams or other visual matter)
  • Titles in the series also include an index which it is the author or editor’s responsibility to compile. Please indicate whether you would be able to provide such an index at the appropriate stage.
  • A sample chapter where available
  • Any other information or documents that you feel are relevant to the proposal.

Series Editors: Kevin Morgan, Norman LaPorte and Matthew Worley via office [at]