Radical Future is a collective of young writers, and the books in the Radical Future series address the contemporary political climate from the perspective of the younger generation. Writers view the political scene from a range of different perspectives, and the collective includes activists, journalists, academics, campaigners, and students. This means that a range of different, and sometimes conflicting, arguments run throughout the series, but all members of the collective are focused on providing ideas and strategic direction for better futures.

Resisting assumptions made about young people’s engagement with politics – that we are apathetic, disinterested, materialistic – work by the Radical Future collective offers a critical engagement with the sense of disenfranchisement that surrounds the ‘Millennials’. In a powerful effort to introduce and identify change, the Radical Future collective engage with contemporary politics through the prism of generation. 

The Radical Future books are all available as free ebooks, and both Resist! and Regeneration are available to buy in print. The series is edited by Ben Little.