Racism and resistance in the US and UK: Selected readings from the Soundings archive

Photo: Evelyn Simak

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‘We do not have to be vicious, competitive, or managerial’
Akwugo Emejulu interviewed by Jo Littler

A discussion on community activism in theory and practice, which argues that foregrounding the diverse contributions of women of colour activists is one way to address and redress the ‘raceless discussions of the white left’.
Soundings 73, winter 2019

Right back where we started from
(After Brexit, pp45-50)
Roshi Naidoo

Naidoo looks at mobilisations of the ‘white working class’ in support of Brexit.
Soundings 64, winter 2016

The Asian Youth Movements: racism and resistance
Anandi Ramamurthy

An account of successful anti-racist campaigning in the 1970s.  
63, summer 2016

Race, migration and neoliberalism
Sally Davison and George Shire

Davison and Shire look at how neoliberalism mobilises common sense ideas about race and migration to win support for exclusionary policies.
Soundings 59, spring 2015
(part of After Neoliberalism? The Kilburn Manifesto)


The Russian revolution and black radicalism in the United States
Cathy Bergin

An account of early struggles of black radicals and activists in the US.
Soundings 68, spring 2018

The alt-right: reactionary rehabilitation for white masculinity
Annie Kelly

Kelly discusses Trump in relation to online alt-right narratives on race and gender.
Soundings 66, summer 2017

Black lives on campuses matter: the rise of the new black student movement
Khadijah White

A discussion of students, race and Black Lives Matter.
Soundings 63, summer 2016

Fear of a black president
Ben Carrington

Carrington on the racist backlash in the US after the election of President Obama
Soundings 43, winter 2009