04 September 2018

Back to School

We’ve chosen our five essential L&W ‘back to school’ titles for students and readers of all ages - plus two bonus titles you can read for free. All of five titles in our Back to School promotion are 30% off on our website until 5 October.

The Antonio Gramsci Reader
Edited by David Forgacs

Now £14.00 (normally £20.00)

Imprisoned for much of his adult life by Mussolini’s Fascist regime, Antonio Gramsci was one of the most fascinating thinkers in the history of Marxism. Gramsci’s influential theory of ‘cultural hegemony’, which describes how power and ‘common sense’ are maintained through cultural institutions and the state by the ruling class, continues to inform our understanding of culture and politics today.

‘To understand the evolution of an historical tradition of thought and action there’s no better collection than the recently re-issued Antonio Gramsci Reader.’
- Stuart Hall

Marx’s Capital: A Student Edition
Edited by C.J.Arthur

Now £14.00 (normally £20.00)

Karl Marx’s Capital is the classic text of Marxism for professional economists, social scientists, philosophers, students, and political activists alike. C.J. Arthur has substantially edited and abridged Marx’s monumental work. His efforts make this book, one of the most influential texts of the modern era, open and accessible to readers as never before. We’ve reissued Marx’s Capital: A Student Edition to mark the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth.

‘Above all, Marx challenged the rationality of capitalist society. His ‘critique of political economy’ argued that capitalism was exploitative, inherently contradictory and systematically prone to crisis. That we still speak of capital and wage labour, that we can trace the booms and slumps in the economy since his day, means that Marx may still have much to teach us.’
- C.J. Arthur

Capital Volume I: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production
Karl Marx

Now £14.00 (normally £20.00)

Capital Volume 1 is Marx’s most important work. A classic, landmark text for students of politics, philosophy and economics, Capital Volume I analyses the workings of capitalism and the economics of class conflict through detailed research and observation.

Stuart Hall: Selected Political Writings
Edited by Sally Davison, David Featherstone, Michael Rustin and Bill Schwarz

Now £11.20 (normally £14.00)

Stuart Hall, founding editor of Soundings, was an inspirational public intellectual and the main architect of the field of cultural studies. He played a crucial role in expanding the scope of cultural studies to deal with race, gender and identity politics.

This collection focuses on the essays Stuart Hall wrote throughout his life that directly engaged with political issues. From the beginning, his analyses focused strongly on the central role of culture in politics. These essays come from three broad periods: the 1950s and 1960s, when Hall was involved in the New Left; the 1970s and 1980s, when he evolved his critique of Thatcherism; and from the 1990s until the end of his life, when he focused on the emergence of neoliberalism.

‘Both as a speaker and on the page, Stuart Hall brought the analysis of politics alive in a way which is sorely missed in 2017. These essays show a sharpness of intellect and a warm embrace of Marxist analysis that are a positive joy to read.’
- Mark Perryman

Neoliberal Culture
Edited by Jeremy Gilbert

£12.60 (normally £18.00)

What is neoliberalism? This collection of essays explores a range of answers to this question and examines the ways neoliberalism is manifested in contemporary culture. With thoughts on meritocracy and the marketizing of ‘equality’; capitalist realism and neoliberal hegemony; sex, porn, and cultural politics; and ‘neoliberal Britain’s austerity foodscape’, and much more, these essays are essential reading for an understanding of the contemporary cultural landscape.

Read for Free
These titles are free to read on our website


Resist! Against a Precarious Future
Edited by Ben Little

This collection is written by young activists and campaigners looking for ways to challenge the dominant political order. Tackling the future of work, the care crisis, feminist economics, housing, community organising, the environment, digital media and more, Resist! argues for new forms of collective organisation, and imagines what truly radical change for the better might look like.

After Neoliberalism? The Kilburn Manifesto
Edited by Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey and Michael Rustin

This manifesto calls into question the neoliberal order, and argues that we need radical alternatives to its foundational assumptions.

‘It is the reassertion of the powers of capital that has produced the neoliberal world as we know it today, as its agents have taken command of the new circuits of global capital. The widening of inequalities is the main launch-pad of this restoration bid … Our purpose is to set out an agenda of ideas for a progressive political project which transcends the limitations of conventional thinking as to what it is ‘reasonable’ to propose or do.’
 - Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey and Michael Rustin