10 October 2018

Autumn Reading: Antifascistas

This autumn we’ve put together a selection of books that offer stories of hope and inspiration in dark times, celebrating and exploring the work of left and antifascist movements in Spain.

Podemos: In the Name of the People focuses on the contemporary phenomenon of left political party Podemos, while Antifascistas, Women’s Voices from the Spanish Civil War, Poems from Spain and A Spanish Civil War Scrapbook offer a variety of perspectives on the fight against fascist forces in Spain. For contemporary and historical perspectives on fascism and resistance, we think these books are essential reading. We’re offering 30% off all of these titles until Friday 16 November.

Podemos: In the Name of the People
Íñigo Errejón in conversation with Chantal Mouffe

On sale: £7.00
Normally £10.00

In this book Íñigo Errejón of Spanish political party Podemos and political theorist Chantal Mouffe discuss the emergence of new European left movements that might offer new ways of constructing collective identities and building majorities.

‘It is a mistake to hand over to the most reactionary forces the opportunity to put forward, uncontested, their own view of what the country stands for – their project for a strong country will in reality be built against the weak, against outsiders, against national minorities, or simply be based on chauvinism. They will not be trying to rebuild a civic, popular and democratic idea of the country, one that is supportive and inclusive, and endowed with solid institutions and democratic safeguards – in other words a democratic, progressive and popular patriotism.’
 - Íñigo Errejón 

‘A compelling book … this is an invaluable resource for those of us determined to build a different society.’ 
 - Owen Jones

British & Irish Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War

Richard Baxell, Angela Jackson, Jim Jump (editors)

On sale: £14.00
Normally £20.00

This book tells the story of British and Irish volunteers who joined the International Brigades, travelling from Britain to Spain to become soldiers and medical professionals in the Spanish Civil War. More than 2500 British and Irish volunteers risked their lives in this war in Spain, and more than 500 of them died. Antifascistas documents the artistic and historical legacy of the International Brigades, and demonstrates the idealism, commitment and sacrifice of these exceptional men and women.

Women’s Voices from the Spanish Civil War
Jim Firth and Sally Alexander (editors)

On sale: £12.60
Normally 18.00

This civil war writing collection includes writing by women from Britain, the United States, Australia and New Zealand; literary figures such as Dorothy Parker, Lillian Hellman and Jessica Mitford rub shoulders with previously unsung nurses from New York, Sydney and Edinburgh, and with previously unknown Quaker relief workers from both sides of the Atlantic.

‘The power of human reciprocity and a profound spiritual rejection of fascism shine through.’
 - Sheila Rowbotham

Poems from Spain
British and Irish International Brigaders on the Spanish Civil War

Jim Jump (editor)

On sale: £7.70
Normally £11.00

This anthology of poems written by International Brigade volunteers conveys the idealism and anguish felt by the men and women who risked their lives to defend democracy against the rise of fascism in Europe.

‘This moving collection of evocative poetry is a fitting tribute to those who had the bravery and foresight to join the battle against fascism in Spain.’
 - Billy Bragg

A Spanish Civil War Scrapbook
Jim Jump (editor)

On sale: £17.50
Normally £25.00

This book reproduces Elizabeth Pearl Bickerstaff’s extensive scrapbook of press cuttings related to two wars in the late 1930s – the Spanish Civil War and the Japanese invasion of China.

‘There are vivid accounts of the bombing of Barcelona, interviews with International Brigaders and hundreds of painful photographs, many of which have probably long been lost. It’s a fascinating montage of a war.’
 - Stephen KellyTribune