Obstacles to Insurrection: Militarised Border Crossings Hindering the Rojava Liberation Struggle

Autumn 2019

The aim of this paper is to broaden our understanding of multidimensional sociospatial relations as they apply to anti-systemic insurrectionary movements. As an illustrative case I discuss the Rojava insurrectionary movement, particularly the difficulties it faces in maintaining its solvency as a free territory due to multiple mechanisms of state power and capital accumulation in the world-system. I discuss where anarchist theory in the social sciences has been adequate and where it has come up short in understanding the potentialities of anarchist insurrectionary movements. I do this by paying particular attention to the sociohistorical and sociospatial realities in Rojava as it applies to territory, place, scale, and networks. In conclusion I call for a synthesis of anarchist theorisation with the world-systems perspective.

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