AS Volume 26 No.2

Autumn 2018
Autumn 2018


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Kimberly Croswell

Marie Louise Berneri (1918-1949): ‘Prophecying Utopia’ -  FREE TO VIEW 
Matthew S. Adams

‘To Live Outside the Trial’ Anarchist Implications in Foucauldian Readings of Franz Kafka’s In the Penal Colony and The Trial -  FREE TO VIEW 
David Tulley 

(Mis) Conceptions of Anarchism
Robert Graham 

From Proudhon to Lévi-Strauss And Beyond - A Dialogue Between Anarchism and Indigenous America
Guilherme Lavinas Jardim Falleiros 


The Reformist Anarchism Of John Clark
Brian Morris

The Domination Of The Text: Morris’s Reading Of The Impossible Community
Reply to Brian Morris by John Clark


Simon Springer, Marcelo Lopes de Souza and Richard J. White (eds), The Radicalization of Pedagogy: Anarchism, Geography and the Spirit of Revolt
Reviewed by Emily Charkin 

Alexander Reid Ross, Against the Fascist Creep
Reviewed by M Testa

James Gifford, Personal Modernisms: Anarchist Networks and the Later AvantGardes
Reviewed by Elinor Taylor

Alexandre Christoyannopoulos and Matthew S. Adams (eds), Essays in Anarchism and Religion: Vol. I
Reviewed by John A. Rapp

Shahin, Nietzsche and Anarchy: Psychology for Free Spirits, Ontology for Social War
Reviewed by Lewis Call

Bill Ayers, Demand the Impossible! A Radical Manifesto
Reviewed by Sharif Gemie

Dongyoun Hwang, Anarchism in Korea: Independence, Transnationalism, and the Question of National Development 1919-1984
Reviewed by George Katsiafi cas

Alexander Vasudevan, The Autonomous City: A History of Urban Squatting
Reviewed by Rowan Tallis Milligan

Mark Sundeen, The Unsettlers: In Search of the Good Life in Today’s America
Reviewed by Elizabeth Russell

David Mulry, Joseph Conrad Among the Anarchists: Nineteenth Century Terrorism and The Secret Agent
Reviewed by Michelle M. Campbell

Christoph Knüppel (ed.), Gustav Landauer, Briefe und Tagebücher 1884-1900
Reviewed by Bert Altena