AS Volume 23 No. 2

Autumn 2015


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To Hell with (the contemporary commodification of) Culture! -  FREE TO VIEW 
Danielle Child

To Hell With Culture: Fascism, Rhetoric, and the War for Democracy
Matthew S. Adams

To Hell with Herbert Read
Freee art collective

To Hell with Architecture: An Architecture of Anarchism
Michael Coates

Beyond the Institution: Community-Centred Art Activism Against the Commodification of Culture
Paula Serafini

The Snake and the Falcon
Leah Modigliani

Management and Anarchism: Konstantin Stoborod and Thomas Swann (eds), ‘Management, business, anarchism’ special issue of ephemera – theory & politics in organization
Thomas Klikauer

Alexandre Kojève, The Notion of Authority (A Brief Presentation)
Reviewed by Paul McLaughlin

Immanuel Ness (ed.), New Forms of Worker Organization: The Syndicalist and Autonomist Restoration of Class-Struggle Unionism
Reviewed by Jim Donaghey

Norman Nawrocki, Cazzarola!: Anarchy, Romani, Love, Italy (A Novel)
Reviewed by Peter Seyferth

Han Ryner, Les Paraboles Cyniques
Reviewed by Vittorio Frigerio

Christos Memos, Castoriadis and Critical Theory: Crisis, Critique, and Radical Alternatives
Reviewed by John Asimakopoulos

Martin Veith, Unbeugsam: Ein Pionier des rumänischen Anarchismus: Panait Muşoiu
Reviewed by Bert Altena

Elliot Murphy, Unmaking Merlin, Anarchist Tendencies in English Literature
Reviewed by Jon Bigger

Magda Egoumenides, Philosophical Anarchism and Political Obligation
Reviewed by Sotirios Frantzanas

Stephen E. Hunt, The Revolutionary Urbanism of Street Farm: Eco-Anarchism, Architecture and Alternative Technology in the 1970s
Reviewed by Thomas Martin

Guillaume Davranche, Trop jeunes pour mourir. Ouvriers et révolutionnaires face à la guerre (1909-1914)
Reviewed by Constance Bantman

Massimo Ortalli, Ritratti in piedi. Dialoghi fra storia e letteratura
Reviewed by Vittorio Frigerio

Squatting Europe Kollective (eds), Squatting in Europe. Radical Spaces, Urban Struggles
Reviewed by Jim Donaghey

Huw Wahl, To Hell with Culture. A Film about Herbert Read (2014), 56 minutes
Reviewed by Diane Morgan.

AS Vol 23 No. 2