Toward a Peak Everything Postanarchism and a Technology Evaluation Schema for Communities in Crisis

Spring 2013

Communities everywhere are already in crisis as a result of the twin threats of peak everything and climate change. These threats will pressure all future organisations of the technological base. This presents opportunities for careful and intelligent intervention. Though some forms of environmental crises are certain, the timing and severity of these remain unclear and will likely provide unique challenges to varying climate and socio-economic contexts. A variety of probable environmental scenarios will constrain the range of potential political interventions. In this article different orientations to the interacting crises, with focus toward possible reorganisation of the technological base, are considered. Through a brief discussion of environmentally-oriented anarchist politics, postanarchism, and radically democratic politics of technology, I find new directions for an anarchist politics of technology prepared for the short- and long-term responses to the crises. I demonstrate these politics through a set of practicable evaluative questions for assessing new and existing artefacts and systems. In doing so, I provide not only the beginnings of an analytic theory of tech- nology, but also an evaluation-oriented experimental schema.

Anarchist Studies Vol 21 No 1