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Taking Soundings & Compass event:
Reclaiming Modernity: Beyond Markets, Beyond Machines

Saturday 28th March, 12 – 2pm
The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1JQ

Political life can often feel pretty bleak for all the reasons you know and feel so well. As the 7 May election draws near, there is already a familiar sense that ‘big ideas’ are not welcome.

And then something pops up and rekindles your optimism.

In their new Compass publication, Reclaim Modernity, Mark Fisher and Jeremy Gilbert argue that progressive politics can only renew itself by recognising that we are a unique moment in history that requires us reclaim the transformative ambitions of modernity.

Join Mark Fisher and Jeremy Gilbert to participate in a discussion about this crucial document. The event is free (donations requested to cover speakers' travel). Register online or visit the Taking Soundings website for more information