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Culture, Power and Politics seminar series

Dates to be confirmed

Session 2 – How do we understand the emerging politics of radical democracy- Syriza, Podemos, Scotland, etc?

We’ll look at a range of thinkers who have been cited as an inspiration on these kinds of politics: Chantal Mouffe, Ernesto Laclau, Hardt & Negri, etc, at the histories which inspired them and at the wide range of experiments in radical democratic organising and institutions which have emerged in the era of ‘network culture’.

(These first two themes have been chosen mainly because specific people in our organisation have requested them. The next two are ones that seem at least at important to us.)

Session 3 - What’s the heritage of current debates in feminism and intersectionality?

Feminist thought from de Beauvoir to Butler and beyond. Is ‘intersectionality’ the best model of interacting, overlapping power relationships that anyone has come up with? What’s the origin and influence of Judith Butler’s classic observation that ‘identity is the lived scene of coalition’s difficulty’? How do we confront patriarchy today, and is ‘patriarchy’ even the best concept we have for understanding gendered and sexualised power?

Session 4 - Black Lives Matter: Anti-racist, anti-imperialist and postcolonial thought from Fanon to Ferguson.

Struggles against imperialism, racism and colonialism have shaped the modern world as much as any others and remain crucial today. Is there any way that understanding this history and the ideas that it has produced can assist us in confronting the brutal realities of institutionalised racism today?

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