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Bob Gilbert at the Greenbelt Festival

Saturday 29 and Monday 31 August 2015 - Tales from the Trees

The Bright Field, Boughton House, nr Kettering. More info

How did conkers win the First World War? What is the connection between love and the lime? What part did the sycamore have in morality plays … and how did the poplar lead David into battle? This walk explores the most significant feature of the Boughton landscape – its trees.

Using their stories it uncovers their rich historical, cultural and symbolic significance, the ways in which they have helped shape our thinking -and the role they have played in our major religions.

Sunday 30 August - Plants, people and the Park

The Bright Field, Boughton House, nr Kettering. More info

This walk sets out to look at other wild plants in the Park. Exploring different locations; lawns, woods, walls and ponds, it uncovers the wealth of stories surrounding even the most common place and easily overlooked of species. We will be hearing about where they came from, how they got here, and the uses -medical, magical and mystical- to which they have been put. This is a walk about people, plants and places and the relationship between them.

Culture, Power and Politics seminar series

Tuesday 22 September 2015 - The Politics and Ideas of Syriza, with Marina Prentoulis

new economics foundation. 10 Salamanca Place, London, SE1 7HB

This session will consist of a conversation with Marina Prentoulis of Syriza London on the politics of Syriza and the ideas and currents that have informed in and come out of it. How have various elements of the radical intellectual tradition fed into Syria’s practice and its analyses of contemporary politics? What lessons can be drawn from its successes and defeats?

Booking will open during the week before the seminar. To be alerted when it does, join the mailing list

More information can be found at