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Launch Issue Autumn 1995Buy this issue

The purpose of Soundings is to give a new direction and depth to political, cultural and economic debate in Britain. It aims to explore the reinvention of socialist tradition, and to generate new agendas for the left.

Uncomfortable Times Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey and Michael Rustin

Parties on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown Stuart Hall

Lessons for Labour Barbara Castle

A Critique of Communitarianism Beatrix Campbell

Personal and Social Influences on Parenting and Adult Life Lynne Murray

Unravelling Gene Biotechnology Mae-Wan Ho

Environmental Images and Imaginary Landscapes Lola Young and Ingrid Pollard

Mountain Bikes Maggie Mort

Returning the Streets to People Kerry Hamilton, Max Dixon and Graham-Smith

Personal Politics and Anti-roads Campaigning Heather Hunt (interview)

William Cobbett Michael Rustin

Lifestyle and the Gay Advance Simon Edge

Music in the Postmodern East End Andrew Blake

Geography is Political Too Doreen Massey

Interpretations of the New World Fred Halliday

The complete issue is available at The Amiel and Melburn Trust Amiel Trust