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more about Soundings Soundings offers committed, informed and thoughtful writing on a wide range of issues within contemporary politics and culture. Recent highlights include Beatrix Campbell on the need for a gender revolution, Sally Davison on Stuart Hall, Ben Little on class and generation under neoliberalism, Jo Littler and Nina Power et al on life after work, Ove Sernherde on youth rebellion in Sweden, Kirsten Forkert on austerity and debt morality and Simon Garnett on German coalition politics.
more about New Formations

New Formations brings new and challenging perspectives of cultural analysis to bear on the cutting edge of politics. Recent contributors have included Paul Gilroy on Black vernacular neoliberalism, Paul Patton on Foucault’s critique of neoliberalism, Jo Littler on meritocracy as plutocracy, Neal Curtis on neoliberalism and the politics of knowledge, Mark Fisher and Jeremy Gilbert on capitalist realism, Jodi Dean on neoliberalism and the loop of drive and Lucy Potter and Clare Westall on Britain’s austerity foodscape.

more about Socialist History

Socialist History features articles, book reviews, debates and correspondence on all aspects of socialist cultural and political history. Each issue is organised around a particular theme. Recent themes for issues of Socialist History have included: Reform Communism, Fascism, Biography and Identity, Gender and Sexuality, Origins of the French Revolution. Recent contributors to Socialist History have included Reiner Tosstorff, Paul Buhle, Stefan Berger, David Howell, Victor Kiernan, Neville Kirk and Richard Pankhurst.

more about Anarchist Studies Anarchist Studies is an inter-disciplinary journal of scholarly research into the theory and history of anarchism. It publishes papers on three broad themes: re-evaluation of the anarchist record, considering issues of culture, philosophy and political action; the potential future of anarchism as a current of political action; and the application of anarchist ideas as an instrument of research.
more about Renewal Renewal is a quarterly journal of social democracy, committed to modernisation, but keen to open discussion about the forms it might take. It argues for egalitarian economic policy, liberal social policy and a plural political system. Recent contributors have included Ben Jackson, Gerry Hassan, Adam Fusco and Adam Evans on Scottish independence and devolution; a roundtable on the politics of Englishness; Steve Reed and Lisa Nandy on the One Nation agenda; Richard Jobson on Blue Labour and nostalgia and Lilia Guigni on the Italian Left.
more about Twentieth Century Communism Twentieth Century Communism provides an international forum for the latest research on the subject and an entry point into key developments and debates not immediately accessible to English-language historians. Its main focus is on the period of the Russian revolution (1917-91) and on the activities of communist parties themselves. Recent themes have included Communism and youth, 1968 and after, Communism and political violence and Communism and the leader cult.