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ebook cover We All Want to Change the World
Lawrence Grossberg
This online book is a continuation of Lawrence Grossberg’s analysis of the changing popular and political cultures.
ebook cover

Resist! Against A Precarious Future
Ray Filar (ed)
Third in the Radical Future series, Resist! addresses young peoples' resistance to what passes for politics.

ebook cover Regeneration
Clare Coatman and Guy Shrubsole (eds)
'politics through the prism of generation, through which can be discerned a first glimmer of a post-neoliberal consensus'
ebook cover

Mayday Manifesto

A re-issue of the text of the Mayday Manifesto with a new introduction by Michael Rustin.

ebook cover Race, Identity & Belonging
Edited by Jonathan Rutherford and Sally Davison

Contributors include Zygmunt Bauman, Farhad Dalal, Paul Gilroy, Bilkis Malek and Tariq Modood.
ebook cover EuroMemorandum 2015: What future for the European Union - Stagnation and polarisation or new foundations?
Produced by European Economists for an Alternative Economic Policy in Europe
ebook cover The Labour tradition and the politics of paradox
Maurice Glasman, Jonathan Rutherford, Marc Stears, Stuart White (eds)
Contributors include Hazel Blears, Graeme Cooke, Jon Cruddas, David Miliband.
ebook cover

Revisiting Associative Democracy
Edited by Andrea Westall

Contributors include Anthony Barnett, Maurice Glasman, Su Maddock, Penny Shepherd, Graham Smith, Jonathan Michie, Stuart White.

ebook cover Radical Futures: Politics for the next generation
Edited by Ben Little
Contributors include Shiraz Ahmad, Clare Coatman, Rowenna Davis, Jeremy Gilbert, Ben Mann, Laurie Penny.
ebook cover Welfare Reform The dread of things to come
The contributions to this short ebook challenge the way both Labour and the Coalition governments have designed and implemented welfare reforms.

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