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The Crash
A view from the left

Edited by Jon Cruddas and Jonathan


© Soundings 2009

Published in association with the media department at Middlesex University Supported by the Amiel Trust

We are at a turning point in the life of our country - before us lies a period of economic dislocation unparalleled since the 1930s, while the dangers of climate change and resource depletion loom ever larger.

The Crash offers an alternative to the compromised policies of the dominant economics. Contributors analyse and explain the economic and social issues that lie at the heart of our crisis: the credit crisis, the housing disaster, secrecy jurisdictions, the practices of private equity firms and the intellectual failure of orthodox economics. They put forward ideas for a new kind of agriculture to ensure food security, a People's Post Bank, and a Green New Deal for tackling global warming; and make the case that Britain should think seriously about joining the Euro. And, taking a wider view, contributors identify historical trends in economic crashes, the immorality of inequality, and the arguments for a left alternative.

Contributors: Jon Cruddas, Clive Dilnot, Bryan Gould, John Grahl, Colin Hines, Adam Leaver, Toby Lloyd, Lindsay Mackie, Robin Maynard, Richard Murphy, Carlota Perez, Ann Pettifor, Michael Prior, Jonathan Rutherford, Göran Therborn.

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