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Regeneration coverPart of the Radical Future series
Edited by Clare Coatman and Guy Shrubsole

© Lawrence & Wishart 2012


Regeneration focuses on the question of intergenerational justice. Defining the world's young people as those born after 1979 - a hugely symbolic moment in the history of globalisation - it reflects on the massive growth ingenerational protest across the globe thirty years later. At its heart is an analysis of politics though the prism of generation.

The incapacity of the major political parties in Britain to think beyond their short-term electoral interests is, by definition, particularly harmful for those at the beginning of their lives. It has led to a failure to act on climate change, savage cutbacks in education and training, an acute shortage of housing, big cuts in youth services, and, for many, the prospect of an old age without pensions. Things have deteriorated to the point where many young people are finding it impossible to find the wherewithal to settle down and have families - the classic marks of adulthood.

But, as Shiv Malik argues in his preface, a diagnosis of the problem does not absolve the young from taking responsibility for developing solutions. We need more than 'a whinge of epic proportions'. And, as he also points out, the young are well placed to develop alternatives: 'we are the most well-educated, innovative, dynamic and open generation in human history'. This means that this book also has plenty of ideas for changing the future.


‘The contributors to this book are constantly looking to change the world and their energy is inexhaustible. If you want to know what the future might look like, this book is a good start because they’ll be shaping it.’ Sunny Hundal

‘The lost generation isn’t prepared to wait to be found. Regeneration is a timely and necessary collection, and it shows today’s youth politics at its best: angry, informed and able to imagine alternatives to a system that offers us none’
Laurie Penny

Contributors: Patrick Ainley, Guy Aitchison, Christo Albor, Martin Allen, Jamie Audsley, Craig Berry, Guppi Bola, Matthew Cheeseman, Clare Coatman, Chris Coltrane, Ray Filar, David Floyd, George Gabriel, Tim Gee, Richard George, Paolo Gerbaudo, Jeremy Gilbert, Deborah Grayson, Noel Hatch, Tim Holmes, Rina Kuusipalo, Ben Little, Becky Luff, Shiv Malik, Peter McColl, John Miers, Jim O'Connell, Adam Ramsay, Kirsty Schneeberger, Guy Shrubsole, Charlie Young.

Series Editor: Ben Little
Assistant Editor: Shiv Malik
Part of the Radical Future e-book series
ISBN 9781907103490
Also available as a paperback 205pp
pub date 23 Feb 2012

Price: £12.99