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Britain's broken economy - and how to mend it
The new political economy network

Foreword by Larry Elliott
Afterword by Jon Cruddas

Contributors: Aditya Chakrabortty, Tom Clark, Ismail Eturk, Julie Froud, Sukhdev Johal, Stewart Lansley, Adam Leaver, Toby Lloyd, Mick Moran, Richard Murphy, Howard Reed, Jonathan Rutherford, Duncan Weldon, Karel Williams

© NPEN 2010

The most important task facing Labour now is to come up with a vision of the economy that is different from what it was putting forward in the period before the crash.

Labour must now discard the snake oil of neo-classical economics and develop ideas for the economy that are both practical and humane - based on the principles of environmentally sustainable wealth creation, durability, cultural inventiveness, equality and human flourishing.

The New Political Economy Network is a non-aligned, centre-left initiative that brings together experts in economics and other disciplines, existing research projects, campaigning organisations, think tanks, journalists, activists and politicians. Its aim is to help build the intellectual foundations and shape the policy framework of this new economy.


New Political Economy Network


Amiel & Melburn Trust

Foreword Larry Elliott
Introduction: Labour's Future

Part 1
No way to run an economy

1. Unfair shares
2. Profits before jobs
3. Home sweet loan
4. Pensions are bust
5. Rotten banks
6. The global express

Part 2
Manage markets before they manage you

7. A new political economy for Labour
8. Common Wealth

Afterword Jon Cruddas MP