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Marx & Engels collected works in 50 volumes
special offer

L&W statement on the Collected Works of Marx and Engels



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Collected Works In fifty volumes

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

cover save £1000 when you buy the complete set.

This definitive English language edition, is nowcompleted and contains all the works of Marx and Engels, whether published during their lifetimes or since, including their complete correspondence and newly discovered works. Almost every volume contains material published for the first time in English and this edition is the most complete in any language.

Published to date: volumes 1 - 50.
Erratum notice, Volume 35

'Whatever the state of current politics, Karl Marx remains one of the great thinkers of the modern world.' E J Hobsbawm

'...indispensable to anyone with a serious interest in Marx, Marxism and the 19th is unlikely that this edition of the Collected Works will ever need to be replaced.' EJ Hobsbawm, New Society

'The masterly; not only faultless but immensely readable and displaying a fine ingenuity in making sense of the more abstruse - or merely tougher - Teutonic constructions.' Sunday Times

Volumes 1-50 @ £50.00 each. The total cost of all 50 volumes is £2,500 but we are offering them here for £1,500 (p&p UK £100, Europe £200, Rest of World £300) - a discount of 40% on the cover price.

Please note that the buyer is responsible for any relevant country taxes incurred.

ISBNs available on request please order by title/volume
You can buy a single volume here

Price: £1,500.00

Now available to people overseas who do not have a UK bank account via a PayPal monthly payment of £46

Marx & Engels - The Collected Works Monthly

Standing order discount:
We are also happy to offer The Collected Works at a discount on standing order.

To set up a standing order, please complete and return our standing order form.

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