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Stuart Hall
Stuart Hall

Our manifesto calls into question the neoliberal order itself, and argues that we need radical alternatives to its foundational assumptions.

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Sue GossSue Goss

Bob GilbertBob Gilbert

Nira Yuval-Davis & Sukhwant DhaliwalNira Yuval-Davis & Sukhwant Dhaliwal




A Great and Terrible World: The Pre-Prison Letters (1908-1926) of Antonio Gramsci

E. P. Thompson and the Making of the New Left - Essays and Polemics

Open Tribe Telling the story of the previously relatively unknown Silvertown strike, arguing for its significance to both the labour and socialist movements.


Soundings offers committed, informed and thoughtful writing on a wide range of issues within contemporary politics and culture New Formations brings new and challenging perspectives of cultural analysis to bear on the cutting edge of politics. Anarchist Studies is an inter-disciplinary journal of scholarly research into the theory and history of anarchism Renewal is a quarterly journal of social democracy, committed to modernisation, but keen to open discussion about the forms it might take Twentieth Century Communism provides an international forum for the latest research on the subject and an entry point into key developments and debates not immediately accessible to English-language historians


'politics through the prism of generation, through which can be discerned a first glimmer of a post-neoliberal consensus'

A collection of key Soundings contributions on the current financial crisis as a potential moment of rupture in the neoliberal regime. Revisiting Associative Democracy draws together the ideas and thoughts of a group of people who met, discussed and developed Paul Hirst's views on Associative Democracy. A re-issue of the text of the Mayday Manifesto, with a new introduction by Michael Rustin. Our aim is to offer this both as a historical document of intrinsic interest and to remind readers that the intellectual work of presenting the possibility of a more democratic, equal and just society has a long tradition in our country. The contributions to this short ebook challenge the way both Labour and the Coalition governments have designed and implemented welfare reforms